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47 tonne car crusher lift – Heavy Lift Crane

Ashburton Crane Hire have been invaluable to us. The weight was drastically out on this crusher on Wednesday and Guy’s boys made it happen again saving us time and money. We will be in touch again soon. Thank you!”

Heavy Lift Cranes Perth

1. 3 people were involved in lift on ACH side. Our client had 4 men oxy cutting.

2. All up to mob to site , set up crane perform lift, pack up crane demob to Bayswater and perform the setup all over again! it was a 10hr day.

3. We faced a challenge when the weight given to us by our client was 39 tonne and the actual weight was over 40 tonnes. Lucky for our client the crane’s configuration enabled us to continue with the lift safely and deliver the crusher to its new home in Bayswater.

Rio Tinto’s Pilbara Iron-ore operations

Ashburton Crane Hire flipping a base frame for an electrical switch room. The switch room is destined for Rio Tinto’s iron-ore operations in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.


The Ashburton Crane Hire Pilbara operation used 2 x 100-tonne Liebherr all-terrain cranes and 2 x 25 tonne pick and carry Franna cranes.

8 staff including crane operators were involved in lift and planning. Only 6 hours to complete the lift. This Pilbara mining construction project in Western Australia was completed on-time and to budget!

Ashburton Crane Hire in the Pilbara and other remote regions of Western Australia have played an important part in the safe, economic development of the Pilbara and other regions of Western Australia.

As good practitioners of corporate social responsibilityAshburton Crane Hire hire have donated staff, mobile cranes and equipment to schools and other worthwhile causes in WA communities where their cranes operate. Next time you see an Ashburton crane on hire in the Pilbara, don't hesitate to phone their project manager to see if Ashburton Crane Hire can help with community development in the Pilbara.