160T Crane Hire Perth, Small Heavy Lift Crane For Hire Perth


Agile Maneuverable Small Crane For Heavy Lifts in Tight Perth Spaces

Coming to Ashburton Crane Hire Perth in 2020 is our new 160T Demag AC crane. This crane is the most compact crane in its class in Perth.

While other mobile cranes come in at widths of three meters or more, the AC 160-5 crane has a narrower width of 2.75 meters and a total length of 14.51 meters. A shorter crane for hire in Perth than its classmates. In combination with its 5-axle steering system, independent rear axle steering, and dynamic launch control, these crane features enable this Demag 160T crane to get close to lift job locations in Perth where other cranes would get stuck. It's the best crane in Perth for getting into tight spaces for heavy lift jobs.


Lift Capacity Class 180 USt / 160 t
Max Main Boom Length 223.1 ft / 68 m
Max System Length 310.4 ft / 94.6 m
Axles 5 / 5

Perth Crane Load Chart 160t Demag Load Charts & Brochure

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