Crane Support Trucks and Equipment in Perth

Ashburton Crane Hire Perth has a fleet of large and small trucks to support our mobile crane hire operations business in Perth Western Australia. The photo at the top of this webpage is of one of two our smaller Isuzu trucks in Perth which we use to support our fleet of mobile cranes in Perth.

Photos of our lager trucks can be seen on our website.

Our smaller truck/support vehicles are used to transport things like counter weights, cran spare parts, light loads, fuel, out rigger pads, crane boom extension flys, rigging equipment, spare tires, our forklift, spreader bars, our bob cat, etc. Any thing to get the lift job done smoothly without delay.

Below is a photo of Ashburton Crane Hire's forklift loading pallets in Perth.

Forklift pallet loading Perth

Photo of our forklift loading spreader bars at our base in High Wycombe.Forklift pallet loading Perth

Some of our bigger trucks of our Perth transport company.Logistics company Perth forklift


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