Long Reach Crane Hire Perth, WA

Extra Long Reach Slewing Mobile Crane Hire Perth WA

Our 100-tonne Liebherr long reach crane is a versatile, long reach, big lift, all-terrain crane for hire in Perth Western Australia. With an out rigger footprint of 7 meters by 7 meters. This long reach crane is still compact enough to set up in challenging areas.

This Perth based 100t Liebherr long reach crane is a great long reaching, heavy lift crane for hiring in Perth. If you need a long radius crane lift in Perth to install your construction materials, air conditioner, patio or pool, this crane with a boom fly attachment will get the job done. Safely lift, slew and lower heavy loads over long distances, safely with mobile slewing crane hire Perth wide.

Our riggers can quickly setup the fly to extend the lift job reach.

52 Meters Main Boom
19 Meter Fly crane boom extension
7 Meter by 7 Meter Outrigger Footprint
1 Trailer of Counterweight

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