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15 tonne Spreader Bar Hire Perth WA

15 Tonne Spreader Bar Hire Perth 15 Tonne Spreader Bar hire Perth Western Australia at affordable prices come with or without mobile crane hire in Perth WA. The adjustable length spreader bar hire ranges from 2.25 metres - 3.7 m. Spreader-bars are carried on the front of the Franna cranes in Perth.

50t Spreader Bar 2.6m – 4.1m

50 Tonne Spreader Bar Affordable 50t Spreader Bar has an adjustable length from 2.6 meters to 4.1 meters and a safe working load limit of 50t. All spreader bars come free with our Perth crane hire services.  

Pallet Cage Hire Perth

Pallet Cage Hire Perth Affordable pallet cage hire in Perth WA improves safe lifting over high building construction sites in Perth and safely over Perth homes. In an emergency, pallet cages can be used rescue people trapped in Perth's high buildings.  EMERGENCY AFTER HOURS PHONE: 0408 933 905. Pallet cages can be used to lift…